AT5 – Letter Bending

    Project Description

    Mesin Letter Bending AT5

    Terdapat fitur tambahan yaitu notching dan flanging system, adopts high hardness die steel notching. Notching system achieve different angles notching by rotation automatically cutting tooth angle 30-120degree.

    Cut System
    Two different heights of cutting mechanism combination, smooth incision, not only to satisfy the sealing process requirements, at same time to achieve unmanned operation.

    Notching and Flanging System
    According to the font file automatic notching and flanging processing, notching system can automatically rotate to achieve different angles of the requirement of notching.

    Slotting System
    Integral casting slotting structure equipped with Japan Fuji servo It is composed of high strength slotting system, durable enough for wide material. thick material processing, more stable Plane&milling cutter configuration can meet the flat type material.

    Feeding System
    Feeding structure and manipulator body are integral casting type, clamp for round corner processing which can avoid clamp mark on the surface of the material. Japan Fuji servo.grinding ball screw and linear guide rail to ensure smooth feeding and fast. Processing wide material and thick material can be sent to move and accurate.

    Material yang Bisa Dipotong :
    • Cocok untuk Stainless steel
    • Baja seng
    • Aluminium
    • Profil Aluminium
    Cocok Untuk:
    • Industri periklanan
    • Logo
    • Tanda
    • Tanda neon
    • Papan reklame
    • Produksi kotak cahaya
    • Periklanan luar ruang dan produksi periklanan lainnya
    AT5 Spesification
    letter bending metal 11
    letter bending metal 12
    letter bending metal 14
    letter bending metal 15