Otomatis Double Tube TJW – Acrylic Bending

    Project Description

    Mesin Tekuk Akrilik Otomatis Double Tube TJW Series Iguana

    Mesin tekuk otomatis ini digunakan untuk tekuk akrilik dalam jumlah banyak (untuk mass production). Maximal ketebalan 6mm. 

    High-efficiency acrylic computer automatic bending machine series, based on precise mechanical structure, automatically set heating time and heating temperatureDegree, the required angle can be directly input for automatic bending. Automatic and manual two states are optional, using computer touch screen operation control Manufacturing, simplifying the operation and use procedures, convenient, efficient, and ensure the molding accuracy of processed products. Is modern high-end acrylic systemIt is one of the first choice equipments for manufacturers of products and logo crafts.

    TJW Series Spesification
    Acrylic 35