TBY Series – Vacuum Forming

    Project Description

    TBY Series - Vacuum Forming

    • Body structure is after heated treatment, inner stress is released, not
      easy to deform for years.
    • Up-down working table controlled by air cylinder both sides. Keep
      well balance and easy operation.
    • The heating cover fills with rock wool board, which could preserve
      heat and protect the operator not get hurt.
    • Reflective material which make the heat faster and save cost.
    • Adjustable fixture, can be taken off when needed.
    • Big air cylinders for up down table, Each cylinder could hold 521kg
      weight, two cylinders could hold 1042kg mold.
    • Control panel Control buttons Temperature controller Vacuum meter
      Voltage meter etc.
    • Vacuum pump 100cmb/hour , with powerful suction performance.
    • 4cables, 3 fire cable and one ground cables. Combine to CE standard.
    • Package, Steel frame inside and plywood outside.