RSR 2500 – Mesin Stud Welding Baut Capacitor Discharge

    Project Description

    RSR 2500 - Mesin Resistance Spot Welding

    Capacitor energy storage stud welding machine uses the resistance heat formed by the instantaneous release of large current from the base material to be welded and the stud after the capacitor is charged to complete the welding. The energy storage stud welder can weld external thread studs, internal thread studs, pins and other similar components to metal workpieces. During the welding process, the energy storage capacitor is discharged through the component tip discharge, the discharge time is 0.001-0.003 seconds, no gas or ceramic ring protection is required, and the penetration depth is about 0.1MM. This method is suitable for thin plates with a thickness of 0.4MM or more. There should be no welds on the surface of the plate and no indentation, discoloration, deformation and other defects on the back. It is most suitable for occasions where decorative effects are required on the surface. The ratio of plate thickness to stud diameter is as small as 1:10.

    Our capacitor energy storage stud welding machine uses imported high-quality components, with high reliability and good welding performance. It is widely used in the processing and manufacturing of gas cabinets, household appliances, sheet metal processing, signs, insulation nails, elevators, aluminum curtain walls, electrical components, mechanical parts, automobile industry, kitchen equipment and metal workpieces, etc.