K6- Fiber Laser Cutting

    Project Description

    Mesin Fiber Laser Cutting Pipa Metal K6 PhotonTECH

    Pemotongan kecepatan ultra-cepat, khusus dirancang untuk industri furnitur – LX-K6.

    Ultra-Rapid Speed Laser Cutting, Short Tail Material

    • Compared with universal laser tube cutting machines, the cutting speed is 30% faster!
    • Machine acceleration up to 1.5G!
    • The minimum tail material length can be just 40mm!

    Fully Automatic Bundle Loading

    • Skip production processes and minimize the labor costs and consumables

    Pemotongan Multi-Fungsi

    • Applicable types of tubes: Round, Square, Rectangular, Oval
    • Applicable types of cutting: Holes cutting, Angle cutting, Arc cutting, Letters & patterns cutting…
    • Applicable types of material: Stainless steel, Carbon steel, Galvanized steel, Brass, Aluminum, Copper…
    • Ultra-rapid speed, smooth and burr-free cutting.

    Simultaneously loading and cutting

    • 6 feeding rollers clamp the pipe, feeding cycle does not need to be reset, reducing the waiting time and greatly improving the cutting efficiency

    Self-developed system

    • With United Kingdom RADTUBE nesting software, easy to operate, stable performance